Housing Choice Voucher Program



Current as of: 08/01/2020

1)      Are the offices open?

The Doral and Miami-Gardens Program Offices remain open to those with scheduled appointments. Please contact us at 305-403-3222 or visit us online at www.mdvoucher.com to explore the many self-service options or to make an appointment.


2)      Will MDHCV continue to make Housing Assistance Payments (HAP)?

Yes. There will be no interruption with regular payments.


3)      I lost my job or I have reduced income as a result of COVID-19. What do I do?

You may report the reduction or total loss of income online at www.mdvoucher.com


4)      I have an upcoming Annual Reexamination appointment and I am not sure if I can make it.

You may complete you reexamination online or you may reschedule your appointment online at www.mdvoucher.com.


5)      I need to move and I do not want to go to or I cannot go to a Program Office.

You may request to move online at www.mdvoucher.com or contact us at 305-403-3222 to discuss other options.


6)      I have a voucher and I need an extension

You may request a voucher extension online at www.mdvoucher.com or contact us at 305-403-3222 to discuss other options.


7)      I submitted an RTA and need an Initial Inspection

Staff is expediting the review and processing of RTAs. The Inspections Department will contact you to schedule an Initial Inspection.


8)      I have an issue with my property and need to have an inspection.

You may submit an online service request at www.mdvoucher.com.


9)      I Have an Annual Inspection or reinspection scheduled and I am under a self-quarantine.

Effective 3/17/20, all Annual Inspections and reinspections will be rescheduled for a future date. Extensions to perform repairs will be granted on as part of the rescheduling process.


10)   I have an Informal Hearing scheduled and I am not sure if I should attend. 

Informal hearings will be conducted remotely via a zoom meeting. If you cannot download the zoom application, a secure room will be made available at the Doral  location where you can connect with the hearing officer via zoom.

Need Help?

You can contact our Client Call Center at 305-403-3222 or by email to customercare@mdvoucher.com.