Family Self Sufficiency and Homeownership Program

Family Self-Sufficiency & Homeownership

Miami-Dade HCV supports voucher holders’ goals through two programs that help your family build assets.

Family Self-Sufficiency (FSS) Program

We’ll help you improve your career options and build your savings. Hundreds of MDHCV participants have graduated from our FSS Program. You can, too!

What can I gain? The goal of FSS is to help you earn more money and reduce your need for assisted housing. FSS graduates receive an interest-bearing savings account and can use the money they save to make a down payment on a home, buy a car, pay off debt, start a business, and more. 

How does it work? You and your FSS coordinator will make a plan to increase your earnings based on your educational, professional, and personal goals. We’ll connect you to services like job training, childcare, transportation, or other programs you need to achieve your goals. 

How long does it take? Most FSS plans take 5 years to complete.

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Homeownership Program

You may be able to buy a home with your voucher subsidy!
Through the Homeownership Program, you can:

  • Build a good credit score
  • Learn about finances, homeowner rights and responsibilities, and resources for you to use
  • Get counseling, training, and support Gain the stability, security, and sense of self-sufficiency that come with owning a home.
  • Plus, MDHCV pays part of participants’ mortgage for up to 15 years.

Am I eligible? You must meet the following criteria:

  • MDHCV participant in good standing
  • First-time homebuyer
  • Credit score of 640 or above

Income Savings
Working families $24,000+ $5,000
Elderly/disabled (single) $10,968+ $2,000
Elderly/disabled (couple) $16,452+ $2,000


1. Submit your Request for Homeownership packet.

2. Receive a decision letter within 30 days of submission.

3. Attend a briefing with the Homeownership Coordinator.

4. Submit documents required by lender.

5. Apply for mortgage financing (including down payment assistance and 2nd/3rd mortgages ).

6. Receive pre-qualification letter from lender.

7. Search for home.

8. Submit a sales contract.

9. Home passes required inspections (independent and NSPIRE).

10. Prepare for closing (have documentation ready for lender at time of closing).

11. Final letter of intent sent to lender acknowledging eligibility information.

12. Attend post-purchase counseling from HUD-certified agency.

13. Request closing packet from lender.

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